Map It!
The songs for the supplementary volumes of the three level course book Twenty-One for the Italian lower secondary school.
De Agostini Scuola, 2018

Storytelling Songs
New Ways in Teaching With Music, TESOL Press, 2017
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A-B-C, it’s easy as Do-Re-Mi! Notes from the Tune Into English Roadshow, a Touring Didactic Sing-along Show
Melodies, Rhythm and Cognition in Foreign Language Learning, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016

Ten Years of the Tune Into English Roadshow
Show scripts from 2005 to 2015
e-book November 2015, print edition January 2016

Using Music to Enhance English Learning in Lower Secondary
C&TS Digital (IATEFL YLT SIG), Issue 2, June 2015

Using Music to Enhance Language Teaching
Spain TESOL newsletter, March 2015

Notes From An ELT Consultant
A collection of Teacher Training sessions
e-book November 2013, print edition December 2014

Once – Film Worksheets
22 activities based on the 2007 Academy Award winning film.
e-book February 2012, print edition December 2014

Tom Waits – Kentucky Avenue
This lesson is based on the song “Kentucky Avenue‟ by Tom Waits.  This isn’t just some song about two punks; this is a song about two friends, or perhaps siblings, one of whom has a disability. The other does everything within his power to make his companion feel “normal‟, as if there were such a thing. Learners will practise talking about the past.  Teacher’s notes are provided.
Disabled Access Friendly, July 2011

New Team Up In English
Co-author of this three level course book for the Italian lower secondary school.
ELI, 2011

A Game and Song for the Present Simple Yes/No Question Forms
Humanising Language Teaching, April 2010

Using Music to enhance language teaching
IATEFL 2009 Cardiff Conference Selections – A variety of topics and high quality reports. (ISBN: 978-901095-29-6), 2010

Up To You
Co-author of this two level consolidation and revision book for the Italian lower secondary school.
ELI, 2009

Tune Into Ireland: Teaching Ireland through Music
Teaching Ireland: New Didactic Approaches to Cultural, Linguistic and Literary Issues, Universidad de Huelva (ISBN: 978-84-613-5491-7), 2009
It is not common to find a good source of class materials specifically aimed to Irish studies, that is why we must welcome this useful booklet which consists of a series of seven teaching units concerning modern Ireland. It offers exercises to be done in class, written assignments and recommended readings.

Tune Into English
Neuroscience and Foreign Language Learning, “A Journey In The Human Brain”, Atti del Corso di Aggiornamento per I Docenti di Lingue Straniere di ogni ordine e grado, Edizioni Melagrana (ISBN 978-88-88736-95-2), 2008

Team Up In English
Co-author of this three level course book for the Italian lower secondary school. International Edition also available.
ELI, 2008

Ireland: A Culture Reflected In Its Music
Europa Vicina, October 2007

Speak Up
The June 2007 cover story, How Good Is Their English?, was a six-page test of the language skills of Italian pop stars. The Song was a regular feature, with the story behind a song and the analysis of the lyrics. Many of these were also published in the Brazilian edition of Speak Up.

Using authentic songs in the ELT classroom
Oxford University Press Teachers’ Club, April 2007

Reports and reflections: Tune Into English
Perspectives, A Journal of TESOL Italy (ISBN: 978-88-7346-530-0), Spring 2005
Hundreds of free downloadable worksheets, thousands of karaoke videos as well as games and activities for students and useful links for teachers – the web’s largest resource for learning English though pop music.
2005 – present

Easter – Pasqua
ELT Primary Club Diary, Macmillan Heinemann ELT, 1999

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