Meaningful, Motivating, Memorable
The 3 M’s are essential in teaching. When you use songs in the classroom you are using something which is meaningful to students. Because they are interested in (some would say obsessed by!) this medium, they find this kind of learning extremely motivating, and of course memorable. This last point is reinforced when they subsequently actively listen to, or passively hear, the song outside the classroom, subconsciously consolidating the language learned.

Creates a positive learning environment
It is extremely important that students enjoy the learning process, and the use of songs ensures a happy learning atmosphere. It is important, where possible, to ask students to sing the song, not only to help improve pronunciation, but also to lift their spirits. Apart from the emotional pleasure gained from singing, the increased intake of oxygen cannot but put them in a good mood!

Involves “left and right” brains
Music enters the subconscious quickly and subtly. The brain is a pattern-seeker, so putting information in an organised framework such as a song makes it easier to remember. We know the brain is divided into left and right hemispheres – when we study language we are using the left hemisphere, but music uses the right hemisphere. Language students usually use just one hemisphere, but songs involve both hemispheres in the learning process, greatly increasing students’ potential.

Improves Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation
Songs help make the learning of new words and structures more natural and long lasting. By singing along, students are naturally acquiring correct pronunciation. Many of the songs on this site highlight and exploit different Grammar points, as well as Vocabulary. Students’ awareness of rhyming words is also heightened in many of the activities.

Flexible, Authentic, Easily Available
The activities on this site can be adapted to any level, and are “real”. They are very easy to find – if the teacher doesn’t have a copy of the students’ favourite songs, the students will almost certainly have one.


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