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There are hundreds of articles on the net about learning English through songs. This page has a selection of them – if you find any others please e-mail them to us.

Alimoradi, Manizheh – Songs, Verse and Games for Teaching Grammar

Ara, Shaheen – Use of Songs, Rhymes and Games in Teaching English

Beal, Janet – How to Teach English to Kids Using Songs

Bista, K. – Teaching Adult ESL Learners through Music

Blodget, Tom –Teaching the Target Language Through the Lyrics of Melodic Music

Brown, Joy L. M. – Rhymes, Stories and Songs in the ESL Classroom

Budden, Jo – Using Music and Songs

Buffat, Véronique – Using Songs with Teenagers

Cakir, Abdulvahit – Musical Activities for Young Learners of EFL

Carter, Tene’ – Learning Vocabulary Through Music

Calvet, Enrich – The Power Of Music When Teaching English To Very Young Learners

Cash, A. – Can a Tune Get Stuck in your Brain?

Chtena, Natascha – Using Music in the Foreign Language Classroom

Cook, Peter – If Music Be The Food of Learning, Play On…

Cooke, Simon – Developing Song Worksheets in a SALC

Crystal, David- On Language and Colic

Cullen, Brian – Music and Song in Discussion

Cullen, Brian – Song Dictation

Deubelbeiss, David – 50 Ways To Use Music and Song in the Classroom

Deubelbeiss, David – Teacher Training Presentation on Using Song

Dunlap, Joanna – Hot for Teacher: Using Digital Music to Enhance Students’ Experience in eLearning Courses

Ebong, B. and M.J.Sabbadini – Developing Pronunciation Through Songs

Eddy, Jennifer – Using Music in World Language Performance Assessment

Engh, Dwayne – Effective Use of Music in Language-Learning: A Needs Analysis

Fonseca-Mora, Carmen et al – Melodies that Help: The Relation between Language Aptitude and Musical Intelligence
First and foreign language early reading abilities: The influence of musical perception

Goodger, Charles – Why Teach English with Action Songs

Ječmínková, Andrea – Music and Songs in Adult ESL Teaching

Jogan & Benevento, Promoting Us Cultural Awareness in EFL through song

Jones, Tamara – Singing the Way to Conversation Success!

Jones, Tamara – Singing the Way to Pronunciation Success!

Kanel, K – Teaching with Music: A Comparison of Conventional Listening Exercises with Pop Song Gap-fill Exercises

Kaplan International Colleges – research into music and English teaching and learning / English in Music

Keegan, Ellie – Using songs in English teaching

Kennedy, Isabel – Could Music Be The Food Of Learning?

Kinjemuratova, Zulfiya – Teaching with Songs

León, Luis D. González – ¿Por qué Canciones en las Clases de inglés como Segunda Lengua?

Lems, Kristen – Using Music in the Adult ESL Classroom

Li, Xiang Ming and Manny Brand – Effectiveness of Music on Vocabulary Acquisition, Language Usage, and Meaning for Mainland Chinese ESL Learners

Lilianac, Martha – Using Songs And Chants in the classroom

Lowe, Mark – Language and Music: The Parallels Between Learning/Teaching Language and Learning/Teaching Music

Lynch, Larry M. – 12 Keys to Using Songs For Teaching Children English As a Foreign Language

Lynch, Larry M. – How Listening to Music Influences English Language Teaching Learning and Everyday Life

Lynch, Larry M. – Teaching English As A Foreign Language – Seven Reasons Why Using Music Is Important

Macias, Elda – Music and Songs In the Classroom: Techniques To Aid the Language Learning Process

Mallinder, Mark and Hsiang-Ni Lee – Teaching English Listening and Speaking through Music: A Lesson Plan

Marsh, David – The sounds of syntax: What pop music can teach us about how to build a sentence

McCarthy, Sherrie – How Do I Teach ESL Children Verbs Through Songs?

McCarthy, Sherrie – How to Use Songs in Teaching English

Medina, S.L – Acquiring Vocabulary Through Story-Songs

Medina, S.L – Songs + Techniques = Enhanced Language Acquisition

Medina, S.L. – The Effect of Music on Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition

Medina, S.L. – The Impact of Rhythm Upon Verbal Memory

Medina, S.L. – Using Music to Enhance Second Language Acquisition: From Theory to Practice

Mol, Hans – Using Songs in the English Classroom

Mori, Noriko – Effects of Singing on the Vocabulary Acquisition of University Japanese Foreign Language Students

Munger, Dave – Does Music Help Us Learn Language?

Nayar. A. et al – Music Usage to Enhance Students’ Language Acquisition

Navarro, Santiago P. – Pedagogical Songs: Learn by doing game based activities

Nunes, J. et al – The power of repetition: repetitive lyrics in a song increase processing fluency and drive market success

Orlova,  Natalia F. – Helping Prospective EFL Teachers Learn How to Use Songs in Teaching Conversation Classes

Page, Kara – How to Teach English by Songs

Papaioannou, Eugenia – Music in the Classroom

Pendleton Ethan – Techniques Using Songs for Teaching English

Rabello, Cinthià Regina – Using Songs for Different Purposes

Rockell, Kim F. and Merissa B. Ocampo – The Use of Music in English Teaching in the Philippines

Samuell, Vicky – Teaching English through songs in the digital age (4 parts)

Saricoban, Arif & Esen Metin – Songs, Verse and Games for Teaching Grammar

Schoepp, Kevin – Reasons for Using Songs in the ESL/EFL Classroom

Shen, Chunxuan – Using English Songs: an Enjoyable and Effective Approach to ELT

Simkesian, Eva – Songs in EFL classroom

Singh, Danny – The Power of Music in Learning

Smith Salcedo, Claudia – The Effects Of Songs In The Foreign Language Classroom On Text Recall And Involuntary Mental Rehearsal

Teacher Greg – Music & Song

Tegge, Friederike Anna Gerda – Investigating Song-Based Language Teaching And Its Effect On Lexical Learning

Tülek, Merve Elbirlik – Songs as the Vitamin C of ELT: Practical Tips on How to Use Them

Vendrel, F – Songs, Rhymes, Chants, Poetry

Vida, S – Lessons With Music

Viney, Peter – Time for A Song

Walklett, Chris – How to Teach Tracks: A Critique of the Uses of Songs and Song Lyrics, with Advice and Suggestions for Enhanced Usage

Walklett, Chris – On (or Off) Song? Are Producers of Materials Using Songs and Song Lyrics Making the Most of this Resource’s Potential?

Wassink, David – What’s in a song? Teaching Language through Music

Weatherford Stansell, Jon – The Use of Music for Learning Languages: A Review of the Literature

Zazulak, Steffanie – 11 great English language song lyrics

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Easy Listening (from EnglishCentral)

How to Teach English to Young Kids Through Songs/Music

How to Use Songs when Teaching English as a Second Language

Learning English Vocabulary through Song

Music, Food of our Soul

No title

Using Music in the ESL Classroom

Why music? (from the Economist)

Why Use Songs

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