The Tune Into English Game Show

Video Presentation:

This fun online interactive live quiz is now available for your class. Lasting between 45 minutes and one hour, depending on your class timetable, the quiz combines language learning with pop knowledge, using current and evergreen hits.

The Game Show can be hosted on your preferred platform, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, Messenger. Where classroom technology or privacy issues do not allow this, the quiz can be presented on a live private YouTube stream where interaction will be through written comments (from their personal devices, if possible).

Each student on the winning team will receive a €5 discount voucher for a Tune Into English Diary of their choice. (2021 editions now available, 2021-2022 in Spring 2021)

Their teacher (you!) will receive a free subscription to the Tune Into English Weekly Update.

The Tune Into English Online Game Show is the ideal motivator for students at this age.

For further information on how to host the Game Show at your school, contact

Extracts from the first Game Show:

How many of the ten songs in the presentation video do you recognise ?
Here they are:


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