Kilgraston Language & Activities Centre, Perth, Scotland – 6th July 2014

Scuola Media di Cormano, Cormano (MI) – 30th May 2014

“The students all said they really liked the show – you really did a fantastic job! Thank you very much.” Prof.ssa Maria Materia

Scuola Primaria “Luigi Mauro”, Trieste – 29th May 2014

“I want to thank you, your show is something special for the children and for me. Thank you, really.” Maestra Roberta Giurissevich

Liceo Classico “D. Cirillo”, Aversa (CE) – 16th May 2014

“Salve professore!! Innanzitutto la ringrazio per averci reso partecipi di questa bellissima lezione d’inglese, mi sono divertita come una matta e con me anche tutti i miei amici di classe.” Student

“Dear Fergal, we have to thank you for the fantastic experience all of us (teachers & students) had this morning. The students were enthusiastic and we were surprised they could sing all the songs you introduced. We’ll organize another show with you next year.” Prof.ssa Maria Laura D’Amore

Liceo Scientifico “Innocenzo XII”, Anzio (RM) – 6th May 2014

“My students said they’d never had such a great experience.”
Prof. Luca Ceccotti

Scuola Media “G.G.Belli”, Rome – 5th May 2014

“I’d like to thank you for the joy and emotion you gave to all of the students and colleagues.” Prof.ssa Laura Casolero

Istituto “A.Tilgher”, Ercolano (NA) (at Cinema-Teatro Roma, Portici) – 3rd April 2014

“I really enjoyed your performance at Cinema-Teatro Roma this morning! You’re a great teacher and your method works: I learned new words today! Thanks for coming, carry on like that. 🙂 ” Raffaele, student

Scuola Media “E.Chiossone”, Arenzano (GE) – 28th March 2014

“Great show at Arenzano! You are a Great Teacher and Artist!” Filippo, student

“It was great to see your show again, what you do and the energy you put into it is always inspiring and motivating. Thank you on behalf of my colleagues too.” Prof.ssa Luisa Rivolta

I.S.I.S. “Don Lorenzo Milani”, Romano di Lombardia (BG) – 19th March

“Very involving and good fun. Professional too, well done!”
Prof.ssa Diana Hancox

I.S.I.S. “Mamoli”, Bergamo – 18th March 2014

“The students were really enthusiastic about your show. Even the teachers enjoyed it! I think it was a worthwhile experience for everybody. Thanks again for coming.” Prof.ssa Anna Arciuolo

Istituto Comprensivo, Coriano (RN) – 6th March 2014

“Thanks, Fergal. Great show, as usual! The day after, we were all singing together again on the IWB, trying to find out… what does the weird fox say… Keep going on like this! Best wishes.”
Prof. Riccardo Michelini and all the students… and the fox

ISIS “C. Percoto”, Udine – 28th February 2014

“Thank you Fergal… the feedback I got about the show is great both from teachers and students… Keep it up, you are doing good! I don’t know where you get all that energy from. Thanks for the material and tips etc. Hope to see you again next year.” Prof.ssa Myriam Roson

Scuola Media “G. Bianchi”, Codroipo (UD) – 27th February 2014

“Dear Fergal, many thanks for being with us today and for the energy you always put into your job. Our students were very thrilled and they really enjoyed the Roadshow. I am particularly proud of my students because they sang along and participated actively in the show. I will give them the certificate (by the way, great idea!) and we will work again on the songs in class. Best wishes.” Prof.ssa Lucia Schilter

Istituto Comprensivo “Matteotti-Cirillo”, Grumo Nevano (NA) – 21st February 2014

“The organisation in the end is all worth if the kids enjoy themselves AND get something out of it – two things you have certainly achieved!
I am, and have been for years, a supporter of ‘not wholly conventional teaching methods’ – such as music-cloze exercises, story-telling (reading a story out loud) with post story ‘forums’ – but it’s not easy within our archaic and sclerotic system.
Since my students have asked me to ‘follow up’ on your show – I have an ‘excuse’ to do some more “RoadShow exercises”! (one of my classes has already asked for the list of songs you used during the show, which means they’ll be humming them along for a bit – and even humming in English is a good thing!)”
Prof. Carlo Ferrigno

Liceo Classico “Giannone”, Benevento – 20th February 2014

“Your enthusiasm and our students’ is a reminder of what we can do in our classes, just for a change.” Prof.ssa Elena Intorcia

Istituto “Ettore Bolisani”, Isola della Scala (VR) – 11th February 2014

“Thanks for the amazing experience! My students’ comments are full of enthusiasm and students of other classes are asking me to organise for them too. I really hope to see you again soon.” Prof.ssa Caterina Caparra

I. S. “Torricelli”, Milan – 10th February 2014

“Thank you very much for the Show. Our students really appreciated it. Some students said: “there’s nothing like singing your favourite song using the right words”, others said: “Prof, that was real fun”…” Prof.ssa Monica Felicetti

I.T.C. “Carlo Matteucci”, Forlì – 6th February 2014

“Your performance was absolutely great, you never let us down because you strongly believe in what you do. Everybody was given the chance of picking up new words through singing. What an amusing way to learn a language!” Prof.ssa Patrizia Luislini

Scuola Media “Sogliano”, Naples – 28th January 2014

“I have to tell you that my students were crazy about your performance. I was so pleased and surprised for the high didactic intent of your show. It’s obviously the result of such deep work…it is really a great show. I’m still feeling good because of the amusement you gave to all of us. I intend going to my son’s school to tell them about your wonderful work. We have to thank you…” Prof.ssa Rosaria Augeri

“Thanks again, Fergal. All of them – students and teachers – were enthusiastic!
I’m sure the show will encourage the teaching and learning of English language skills through the medium of music and the students to develop their knowledge!” Prof.ssa Ilaria Celiento

Scuola Primaria “De Amicis”, Caserta – 27th January 2014

Liceo delle Scienze Umane “Regina Elena”, Acireale (CT) – 22nd January 2014

“Thank you for bringing our students your vitality and joy. Everybody was happy- and thanks again for the emotions I felt while watching Bob Gedolf’s video!” Prof.ssa Graziella Spina

 “I think it was a great experience…..definitely involving for the students and enriching for us.” Prof.ssa Piera Bombaci

Liceo Scientifico “A. Manzoni”, Caserta – 13th December 2013

Music is one of the best thing of life, and tranforming it into a didactic game was fantastic! It was so funny to see my friends dancing!'”
“The lesson with Fergal was really involving because music for us is so important. It was useful to realize that the songs we sing and listen to everyday can help us with school! It was interesting and funny at the same time!”
“English is everywhere and this lesson helped us understand the close relation between English and music.

The students

Liceo Scientifico “Publio Virgilio Marone”, Mercato San Severino (SA) – 11th December 2013

We enjoyed it a lot! The show was fantastic and we liked all the songs and also the dance at the end. Fergal is very funny and also a good singer. It was the best English lesson of our life. Thanks a lot!
Angela, Daiana, Mariapia, Nicoletta and Sara (IL)

We want to say many thanks for your amazing lesson. We all think that it was the best English lesson we have ever had – you are so nice, funny and really talented. You helped us to understand a lot of things – music is really important and it can be useful for learning a language. Thank you so much and come back soon.
P.S. What does the fox say?!

Anna, Fatima, Francesca, Giuseppe and Gabriella (IL)

Scuola Primaria De Amicis, Caserta – 10th December 2013

Scuola Primaria Miraglia, Naples – 9th December 2013

See drawings

Liceo Scientifico “A. Diaz”, Caserta – 5th and 6th December 2013

I speak for the whole Foreign Language Department and thank you again for the excellent job you did with our pupils, for your competence and kindness. Prof.ssa Claudia Tabiano

Your show-lesson was awesome, my students really had a great time. They learned so much, you are really a great teacher, music is the best way to draw student’s attention. Prof.ssa Maria Martucci

Thank you for planning such a great lesson for our students, they were all excited and continued singing  the following days!! Prof.ssa Anna Colantonio

I.P.S.I.A. “G. Ceconi”, Udine – 29th November 2013

“Thank you for showing our students the power of music in language learning processes and for teaching us how to make our lessons more involving and exciting. We all hope to see you again. Prof.ssa Barbara Liva

I.S.I.S “Sandro Pertini”, Monfalcone (GO) – 28th November

The second session of the Tune into English Roadshow we hosted was a success! I want to thank Fergal Kavangh for his enthusiastic performance, his energy and his motivating activities and all the students for their involvement. We all had a great time at school today!!!! 🙂 🙂Prof.ssa Daniela Dodini

Istituto Tecnico-Economico “Galileo Galilei”, Arzignano (VI) – 26th November

What fun we had yesterday. Thank you Fergal for the excitement and the great time we had with English.”
Prof.ssa Gianna Damo

The students of 2B
Il Giornale Di Vicenza

TV A, Vicenza

I.T.C. “D. Panneda, Olbia – 11th November

I am pleased to tell you that the feedback has been excellent. The students recall each moment of the show with enthusiasm. Thanks for coming and for all the material and information you sent. Prof.ssa Agnese Chirri

Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado “Maria Brigida”, Termoli (CB) – 24th October

“Dear Fergal, First of all my compliments for your show, it was really great: entertaining, involving and funny. My students thoroughly enjoyed it, and also learnt a lot. Today in class they were enthusiastic about it, and I think this is comforting feedback for you. It also is  the demonstration that motivation is the only engine that can activate learning. To think of all the tough work we have to make them remember maybe ten new words, and yesterday they sang by heart at least ten whole songs without any effort!
I hope to organize something next year, best wishes (and always Forza Napoli!!)”

Prof.ssa Marcella Stumpo

Istituto Comprensivo “Marconi-Oliva”, Locorotondo (BA) – 23rd October

“Fergal, I want to thank you for your amazing performance with the students during your well organised show! It’s been really interesting, inspiring and well balanced around the diverse moments (grammar, vocabulary … and fun!).
The feedback we’ve got today from the students was so positive! THANKS AGAIN!
I have registered on your website, and the students asked for the fox song! I will be on your site with them a lot! ”
Prof.ssa Paola Masciulli

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