Scuola Primaria Luigi Mauro, Trieste – 17th May
See drawings

Scuola Secondaria Di I° Grado Giuseppe Lozer, Pordenone – 15th May

“Hi Fergal!
Thank you for being at out school this morning! I’ve learnt the students really enjoyed the show  and they didn’t want to leave!
My colleagues Were enthusiastic and so I hope to see you in the next school year!
Thanks again!”
Prof.ssa Simonetta Vidoni

“Dear Fergal,
Your show is great and you’re an excellent showman. You’re able to entertain 150 little rascals for two hours and make them have a lot of fun. A hero!
I enjoyed  your show and having fun like my students. If you want to show the picture of a very happy teacher you can put it the photos on your Facebook page ( if my ugliness doesn’t scare anybody ).
It surprised me to see that most students knew the lyrics of the songs you presented and sang them. You know very well their tastes!
I hope to see you again next year and to keep in touch.
P.S. The Irish sono forti!”
Prof.ssa Andreina Dolcet

Scuola Primaria Dante Alighieri, San Pietro in Cariano (VR) – 14th May

“English roadshow BEYOND ANY EXPECTATIONS!!!
The kids had a wonderful time with you.
You know how to involve people and make  them enjoy learning: BRAVISSIMO!!
I’ m sending the first drawing, many more to come.
Thanks again.”
Maestra Claudia Ambosi

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ITCT “Carlo Piaggia”, Viareggio, class 2at – 11th May

“Finally, not a boring lesson,lessons should all be like that. We learn something and we have fun.” Rebecca Z.

“It was fun and creative, it was different from other lessons. I wish every lesson would be like this because we learn new things while having fun.” Giulia P.

“The lesson was fun, it was a great way to learn English and to be together.” Giulia B.

“It was an exciting experience different from all the others. I had lots of fun because I love singing. At the end of the lesson I also danced and I felt a bit embarassed. Fergal was as an amazing teacher because he had fun with us while he was teaching. I hope we’ll have more lessons like this.” Arianna G.

ITIS Tassara-Ghislandi, Breno (BS) – 19th April

“Hi Fergal, thank YOU for coming here. Most of the students were happy and they want you back. Here are some adjectives that they told me to write to you:

simpatico, divertente, coinvolgente, interessante, stupido in senso positivo (eheheheheheehehhh), comprensivo, capace di capire NOI ragazzi, ottimo gusto musicale (ahahahahahahahah)

Moreover, canta bene e balla bene, lo rifarei 1000 volte (commento di un compagno… ‘be’ 1000, dai non esagerare… !!!!), un approccio diverso all’inglese, profe, perché non fa così anche lei, come Fergal! (mio commento: ‘sono stonata!, ma ballo bene’ 😉 )
Prof.ssa Anna Airò

From the school website

Istituto Comprensivo, Edolo (BS) – 18th April

“That was really amazing, thanks a lot Sorridente.” Prof.ssa Eliana Pilone

Scuola Secondaria Di Primo Grado Silvio Pellico, Appiano Gentile (CO) – 30th March

Your show was a complete success, even the headmaster came to ‘fare i complimenti’ this morning and was very sorry he was unable to attend the show.” Prof.ssa Monica Costantini

“Thank you so much for involving our (lazy) students. See you next year.” Prof.ssa Elena Cattaneo

“Thanks Fergal!! It was fantastic!” Prof.ssa Elda Gattuso

ISIS “A. Ponti”, Gallarate (VA) – 29th March

“Congratulations for the philosophy that lies beyond your show, which was really involving , built and carried on with great regards to the students needs and tastes.” Prof.ssa Lucia Ambrosini

Istituto Comprensivo Paritario Don C. San Martino – Villa Olginati, Montano Lucino (CO) – 28th March

“I bambini erano felicissimi e le mamme hanno raccontato che a casa cantavano di gusto.” Maestra Maria Grazia Novelli

“Potresti venire ogni mercoledì?” Student

See drawings – Primaria Classe I

ISIS “Paolo Carcano”, Como – 27th March

“My students really enjoyed the activities. They also told me that they liked the”personaggio” (this is the word they used to talk about you): they liked your positive energy and your enthusiasm.” Prof.ssa Stella Faliero

Scuola Media Statale “A.Magno”, Rome – 21st March

“My students were happy about this experience. I hope to have you again next year. Thanks for teaching them in this unusual and nice way! They enjoyed it so much but the “problem” will be….to go on teaching them in the traditional way!” Prof.ssa Paola Zonnino

Liceo Scientifici Statale “Lorenzo Mascheroni”, Bergamo – 16th March

“Thank you very much for your most appreciated show!!!!! We all enjoyed it a lot, and the students’ comments were very positive. I particularly appreciated this new version of the roadshow, with new didactic hints on lexis, pronunciation, and culture. We wish you a very Happy St. Patrick Day and a very successful season!!” Prof.ssa Giovanna D’Amico

Liceo Scientifico I.S.I.S. “Einaudi”, Dalmine (BG) – 14th March

“It seems to me that it’s becoming more and more difficult to catch students’ attention … but that is part of the job … the show is really a great opportunity to motivate them.” Prof.ssa Cristina Caironi

“I will choose Fergal again next year! I like him and his show: powerful and didactical!”
Prof. Giulio Cestari – membro Commissione Lingue, responsabile orientamento Scuole Medie

Cinema Teatro Roma, Portici (NA) – Primary / Media – 9th March

“Your shows give a lot of energy!! It was very “contagious” – music helps learning English!! Best wishes to you!!!”  Maestra Angela Cuccorese

Istituto Agrario, Todi (PG) – 7th March

“I would thank you for the great show you performed but I know you Irish are special! My students would like to see you again and to take part in another show!” Prof.ssa Ilaria Bondi

Scuola Media Statale “R. Sineo”, Sale (AL) – 2nd March

“E’ stato il più bello spettacolo di sempre!”  Student

“The show has been a real success! One student asked: “When can we have another show ?”; my colleagues enjoyed it very much too…”  Prof.ssa Mauriza Guandalino

Istituto Comprensivo di Casella, Casella (GE) – 28th February

“The show was fantastic and Fergal is very friendly.” Tommaso
“I liked it very much. I love music and I like singing.” Francesco
“Fergal is very nice and happy. We liked singing and dancing with him”. “He is very friendly and we were very happy. He had a good idea to bring us music.” Alessia and Sara
“It was a great experience and DJ Fergal was very nice. I loved the music.” Elisabetta

Scuola Media Statale “Fermi”, Viserba di Rimini – 24th February

“The students of 3°N thought the show was funny and amazing and you taught them grammar rules using modern songs. It was also an unusual show. Thank you very much.”  Prof.ssa Tiziana Palazzini

Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale “G. Marconi”, Forlì – 23rd February

“The girls were ENTHUSIASTIC! They really had a great time, they would have gone on for hours dancing and singing! A boy from the first session (a quite lazy student, usually) told me that he wouldn’t mind seeing another show of yours in a few months! So, as you can see, they liked you and your show a lot.”  Prof.ssa Paola Ravaioli

Istituto Tecnico Statale Commerciale “Carlo Matteucci”, Forlì – 22nd February

All of us got a kick out of your show, it was simply great, unique and unforgettable.Even the weaker and the shyer students were given a chance to express themselves freely, singing came naturally to them.The show offered a perfect opportunity for both students and teachers to have a lot of fun together through lively and meaningful language activities. Everybody is looking forward to having you here again. Don’t forget us!”  Prof.ssa Patrizia Luslini

Scuola Media Centro Storico, Pordenone – 15th February

Feedback form
“As you can see the kids liked it!”  Prof.ssa Deena Lynn Furgerson
Istituto Comprensivo “Francesco D’Assisi”, Milan – 30th November

It was our first experience with the Roadshow and I feel there will be a great outflow of energy from it. The next morning I found my students were very reactive and they still are. I really appreciate your creativity in intertwisting vocabulary and grammar exercises with songtexts and I find the show very involving for students. You handled the difficult students very effectively.”  Prof.ssa Valeria Taddei

Liceo Artistico “Scuola del Libro”, Urbino – 26th November


“Thank you for the great 2 hours you gave us and the students: they were really happy with the English Roadshow! The younger students knew all the lyrics. A really healthy experience: in the end we learnt a lot of grammar and vocabulary, lost some weight and were in a very good mood! WE REALLY ENJOYED THE MORNING! Until next time…”  Prof.ssa Maria Giovanna Luminati

Scuola Media “Italo Svevo”, Varmo (UD) – 16 November


“Your show is an exciting alternative to our English lessons and an effective activity to improve the motivation of the students. You put a lot of enthusiasm into your job and the students (even those who behave in an unpolite manner) feel your enthusiasm, which is contagious. Thank you for your always up to date website.”  Prof.ssa Silva Dorigo

Istituto Comprensivo, Civezzano (TN) – 14 November


“I enjoyed really your show, most of all the feeling that you give, using the latest hit-songs, that foreign languages live and are not dead, what students think surely of the German language, sigh…” Prof.ssa Luisa Nicolini, German teacher

Sc Secondaria di 1° Grado “Cante”, Giugliano (NA) – 28 September

“The show was very funny and educational. I enjoyed myself, I sang and danced. I learnt a lot of new things. Thanks for everything. I hope to see you again. With love,” Tonia, 3 B

“The show was TOO good! I have never had so much fun in my life. I hope you’ll come again to our school, we’ll welcome you with open arms.” Isadoro, 3 A

“We had a great time with you – I wish all English lessons were fun like yours. When are we having another lesson with you?” Simona, 3 A

“Il tuo spettacolo è stato fantastico. Grazie a te ho imparato tante cose nuove, soprattutto che si può imparare l’inglese anche attraverso la musica. Grazie. Un bacio.” Sara, 3 B

“Quando sei venuto a scuola ci hai fatto divertirelto, soprattutto quando ci hai fatto ascoltare le canzoni, quando le mie amiche hanno ballato sul palco, quando ci hai fatto esercitare per la pronuncia. Spero di rincontrarti alla scuola superiore. Dal tuo amico” Tobia, 3 B

“The next morning the students couldn’t stop talking about the show. They really enjoyed it and asked for more! Teachers from other courses asked me if it’s possible to have another show.
I have sent some comments in Italian as well by kids who have great difficulties at school, so their comments have a special value for me and they show affection for you.
Thanks again for the fantastic opportunity you gave us and our students.”
Prof.ssa Mena Bianco

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