Scuola Sec. di I° Grado “G. Bortolan”, Vicenza – 24 May

“The students confirmed their appreciation for the show, but what is more important is the comment of the teachers present at the show. They all expressed their admiration for your ability, liveliness and competence. And this compliment comes from adults… 😆 ” Prof.ssa Mariella Bongiovanni

Scuola Sec. di I° Grado “Dante Alighieri”, Città di Castello – 30 April

“Dear Fergal, I want to thank you for coming to Città di Castello again and to congratulate with you for your professionalism and the way you make English feel easy for the students. After your shows they always become much more interested and motivated in learning this language. Matching songs and English together is a gorgeous idea: both of them are music!” Prof.ssa Silvia Locchi

Scuola Primaria San Giustino (PG) – 29 April See drawings

Scuola Secondario di I° Grado “G.P.Lipari”, Sondrio – 12 April

“The students got more and more enthusiastic as the show progressed. You succeeded in drawing their attention and capturing their interest. The teachers and the headmaster have been pleasantly surprised that just a single person could be so involving and fascinating. That’s not a small thing – people from our area, you know, are quite introvert and shy, mountain people.
The right word is SUCCESS! Everybody enjoyed the show a lot. Karaoke can be a nice way to learn English, your Roadshow is an educational experience. There was professional competence, passion, versatility, empathy. You also spotted the most difficult students as a good teacher can do. The photos I took don’t do justice to the magical moments our students (even disabled) have lived. Everyone will retain memory of a happy school day.” Prof.ssa Silvana Fazio

Sc. Secondaria di I° Grado Casalgrande, Reggio Emilia – 9 April

“Thanks very much for your show, Fergal! You offered our students an unforgettable morning. Your “lesson” was the perfect balance of motivation and entertainment together with serious and useful work. I think it’s the top for a teacher. Hope to repeat this experience again.” Prof. Libero Pigozzi

Ist. di Istruzione Superiore “G. Carducci”, Ferrara – 26 March

“It was a fantastic experience both for me and my students – they thanked me a lot for having had this opportunity! I hope to see you back again as soon as possible.” Prof.ssa Giovanna Albo

Liceo Classico “P. Giannone”, Benevento – 14 and 15 March

“On behalf of all the teachers I can tell you that your show is a fantastic idea for the way in which it exploits pop songs lyrics to focus on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. I can’t think of a better and more effective way to involve students and to increase their motivation. Learning English can be fun but also teaching English can be exciting if you can just “tune into English”.
We had a great time, teachers and students alike, and your contagious energy and enthusiasm will last until your next visit to our school. We look forward to seeing you again. “Blame it on the boogie”!” Prof.ssa Marina Ricci

“Great show! Fantastic experience for my students who really enjoyed it and had fun. Some of them even doubled the experience! We all appreciated your energy and professional ability in involving us. That’s why we all partecipated with great enthusiasm. Thanks a lot!” Prof.ssa Miriam de Toma

Istituto Comprensivo Statale, Coriano (RN) – 10 March

“Tune Into English is simply:



Hilarious” Students

Scuola Media “San Francesco”, Bagnara di Romana (RA) – 7 March

“Thank you for those two wonderful hours we spent together. I hope to see you again!! My students were enthusiastic about your show!! One girl, who is not good at English at all, told me that it was really fantastic. I didn’t expect that from her and it was a nice surprise. For once everybody got involved and it was great!!!!!!!” Prof.ssa Elisabetta Cattani

Liceo Linguistico Europeo, Auronzo di Cadore (BL) – 2 March read article

Istituto “Stringher”, Udine – 1 March

“Thanks for the great show, the students (even the sceptical ones) really enjoyed it! I kept on singing “Don’t blame it on the sunshine….” all afternoon!” Prof.ssa Ambra Minisi

Ist. Comp. Paritario “Don Carlo”, Montano Lucino (CO) – 14 February

“É stato davvero bellissimo! Grazie a lei ho capito molte delle parole delle canzoni di cui non capivo un piffero!!! Come mi sono divertito! Thank you Prof Fergal.” Lorenzo , classe 1 Secondaria

“It was a beautiful experience. Peccato che il tempo sia volato velocemente !!! Thank you!” Gloria, classe 2 Secondaria

ISIS “Paolo Carcano”, Como – 14 February

“The show gets better and better every year; It has become more and more meaningful from a didactic point of view and yet is far from becoming stuffier or more boring, quite the opposite… Congratulations, where do you find the energy?” Prof.ssa Claudia Cantaluppi

Scuola Primaria “Aldo Moro”, Ugento (LE) – 10 February   See drawings

“I’m Daniele, voglio dirti thank you per tutto quello che mi hai fatto imparare e soprattutto per il grande divertimento!! Torna presto ad Ugento!”Daniele, student

“You have left a very strong memory in children’s minds. Your show is beautiful and very useful. Thanks to you for bringing us your energy, your positivity and your professionalism. Our students still today sing in the streets your music and they remember all images and every sound, and then we say thanks to you because your show was very useful also for us, the teachers. Please come again next year, students look forward to see you, your monkey and your banana!!” Maestro Alvaro Basurto

Scuola Media Statale “G. Bianchi”, Codroipo (UD) – 2 February



The students of 1C – click to enlarge“Il Roadshow è stato molto bello e divertente e soprattutto ci ha fatto ascoltare musica dei giovani e dei nostri tempi e non canzone dei vecchi. Sarebbe molto bello rifarlo. ” Giulia


“Mi sono sentita a mio agio. Abbiamo cantato e ballato insieme in modi anche buffi e divertente in inglese. E’ stato molto bello e divertente – fantastico!”


“Complimenti!” Marco M.


Istituto Scolastico Statale “C.Amoretti”, Imperia – 19 January


“Thank you for the show, the students enjoyed it very very much and they want you to come again next year! Thank you for the contribution you gave to my attempts to make my students love English!!” Prof.ssa Angela Topazio

ITCG  “Alberto Baggi”, Sassuolo (MO) – 18 Janaury

“The students have been talking a lot about you, your songs, your dancing skills (dont’ worry, they evaluated you highly positively!). You found a way to enter their minds and world of emotion. They had fun with English! I’m sure they’ll keep good memories and … hints for their linguistic education. I really appreciated your Empathy with students, your catchy Enthusiasm and your Energy: now I see how you keep your figure! You were able to modify the show for the second group, you kept up with the scheduled times in spite of the delayed start, you managed your time and rhythm to balance talking – giving instructions – singing  – listening – and dancing and laughing! Very well done! Congratulations on your show: we simply loved it!” Prof.ssa Cristina Medici

SMS “Enrico Fermi”, Reggio Emilia – 17 January


Fergal’s English “lessons” are meaningful and attractive. He combines the power of music with energy and passion and the result is that the students are really involved in the activities and participate with enthusiasm doing a lot of healthy and useful language practice. Our kids should do such activities every day, twice a day, and surely their English would improve faster than it does.Prof.ssa Anna Francesca Magnani

“This experience was fantastic! Fergal was very fun and handsome. We sang songs in English and we danced with him. I really enjoyed it!”

“It was a very beautiful experience. I had fun. We danced, we sang and we learnt a lot of things. I say thanks to Fergal and my teacher that made us have fun and learn.”

“I really enjoyed this project because I learned so much having fun. Before I didn’t  understand all those verbs in the songs but now I learned a lot of things. Thank you very much!”

“The project was very nice. Fergal was fun! He thinks that music is the best way to learn and he is right! We listened to and sang songs that I know. I really enjoyed it and I would like to repeat this experience.”

“The meeting with Fergal was nice and fun. The songs were beautiful and this methodology is very effective because all teenagers like songs.”

The students of III L (Samira , Liviana , Riccardo , Stefano, Alex, Alessia, Gezim, Sara, Elena, Martina F. Martina M. Giuseppe R., Manuel, Zacharia, Costanza, Giuseppe V., Antonio)

Liceo “Alessandro Volta”, Reggio Calabria – 30 November

“My students really enjoyed the show and so did I, of course. I want to thank you for your work and I’m looking forward to seeing you next year.”  Prof.ssa Maria Pustorino

I.T.I.S. “G. Galilei”, Arzignano (VI) – 6 November See website

I.C.S. “Cardarelli Massaua”, Milan – 4, 5 November

“My students were enthusiastic and some parents congratulated me on the opportunity I ‘ve given to the students. In my opinion the show was simply fantastic and above all was able to involve all students (that’s not easy!) with a lot of energy…” Prof.ssa Nadia Marabello


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