Scuola Primaria “Monsignor Sanna”, Palese (BA) – 26 May See drawings

Suor Orsola Benincasa, Naples – 29 April See drawings

I.C.S. “Viviani”, San Marco Evangelista (CE) – 19 April See drawings

I.E.S. Estuaria, Heulva, Spain – 8 April

The students of 1º ESO B: “I liked it very much!” (Álvaro), “The show was fantastic and the music was perfect!” (Candela), “Fergal’s show was fantastic and fun. The music was fantastic too.” (Juan Marco), “The music was amazing!” (Miguel)

I.S.I.S. Einaudi, Dalmine (BG) – 18 March Feedback form

Scuola Media “Boiardo-Vallisneri”, Scandiano (RE) – 16 March

“The students’ comments were: “è stato bellissimo!” “è stato fantastico!” “mi è piaciuto tantissimo!” and some were jumping up and down while saying their comments!
Also the colleagues of other subjects enjoyed and appreciated the show very, very much. Thanks again.” Prof.ssa Rita Nadini

Scuola Media “Sacco-Boetto-Paglieri”, Fossano (CN) – 25 February

“The Roadshow was appreciated by all the students. We talked about it a couple of days later and they were enthusiastic. They liked it very much because songs are their language and I’m sure they’ve learnt a lot. They said it would be nice to have lessons like that every day and I do think students would be more interested in what they have to study. Thank you from us all.” Anna

Scuola Media “Duca d’Aosta”, Novara – 23 February

“The Roadshow was really amazing and all the students (and the teachers!) enjoyed it. The technician kept on  “boogie-woogying” after the show and I learnt some words and expressions which were completely new for me….. I really hope next year we’ll be able to have you again here in our school with the “Roadshow”. In the meantime I’ll go on visiting the “Tuneintoenglish” site looking for ideas and songs to use in class.
Thanks again for the great work you do with students to get them involved and to show them English is not only a subject to be studied,but it can be useful and funny.” Prof.ssa Manzulli Maria

Scuola Media Arceto, Scandiano (RE) – 11 February

“Lo show è stato fantastico, se ci penso mi è rimasto in mente tutto. Fergal è una persona stupenda che si è messo a disposizione per noi. Ha completamente fatto rimanere a bocca aperta tutti. Fergal, grazie mille per quello che hai fatto per noi.” Gretta, I°H

Ist. Comp. “G.B. Toschi, Baiso (RE) – 10 February

Thank you for performing your show at our school. The students enjoyed it a lot and it boosted their motivaton enormously!Prof.ssa Silvia Algeri

I.S.I.S. R. D’Aronco, Gemona di Friuli (UD) – 3 February

Listening to music and singing is a good idea to learn English and have a good time. This is an experience to be repeated. Thank you!”  Jessica, Mayuri, Chiara and Sofia IV tam

Ist. Comp. “John Lennon”, Sinalunga (SI) – 26 January

“This show was the nicest experience in my life of English activity.” Gianluca, IIIB

“The Roadshow is special because you can learn English by listening to famous music! Excellent!” Riccardo IIIA

“It was a lot of fun and was very important for me” Eleanora, IIIA

“This experience is fantastic.” Gabriele, IIIB

Liceo Linguistico Auronzo di Cadore (BL) – 22 January

I.I.S. “M.K.Ghandi”, Villa Raverio (MI) – 19 January

“I want to thank you on behalf of everybody – it is nice to see that something you organize turns out wonderfully.
First of all, the students were enthusiastic, the school staff forgot their duties and were there to follow your show, the technician, Luca, told me that the show could have been wonderful just with you and without computer, microphone etc.
What’s more? We teachers were more than satisfied, above all because you were so good at involving the students.” Prof.ssa Antonella Motta

Scuola Media “Due Risorgimenti”, Sala Bolognese (BO) – 11, 12 January

“Thank you – we had a great time thanks to your enthusiasm, passion, professionalism, involving not only the kids but also their teachers so much… The kids told me they appreciate and respect me more because I organised the Tune Into English Roadshow, and I realise that it’s important they learn English with fun. That is the most important thing for my job!” Prof.ssa Michela Zagnoli

Scuola Media “Frattini-Barbieri-Cavalcaselle”, Legnago (VR) – 30 November 2009

“The days after your show everybody was enthusiastic: both students and teachers. You (and I) received many congratulations from the schoolmaster, who had been informed about your funny useful activity results. So, I’m glad to tell you that “you’ve warmed souls” which seemed to be cold at the beginning . Some girls “fell in love” with your way of teaching, singing… thank you!! I look forward to seeing you again.” Prof.ssa Simonetta Vignoli

Liceo “Erasmo”, Sesto San Giovanni (MI) – 27/28 November 2009

“Ogni lezione d’inglese dovrebbe essere come quelle di Tune Into English! Anche la letteratura! Sono convinta che intonandole riuscirei ad ottenere ottimi voti! Grazie per averci fatto conoscere l’entusiasmo!” Federica

Scuola Media “Garbin”, Valdagno (VI) – 26 November 2009

“The students were really enthusiastic about the new way to improve their English language knowledge you showed them. Even some of the parents told me you had a great idea and asked me to repeat the show next year.  Some teachers who had finished their working hours stayed to listen to you and watch the show!!!! ” Prof.ssa Tiziana Caliari

Liceo Socio-Psico-Pedagogico “San Francesco di Sales”, Città di Castello (PG) – 18,20 November 2009

“We liked your presentation because it was a new experience and because you are a friendly and nice person. Our favourite part was when we sang the Michael Jackson songs… We would love you to come again next year with more songs. Thanks so much!” 2 liceo.

“The Tune Into English Roadshow was fantastic! We had fun and we believe it’s a great way to learn English. Today music has a huge influence on teenagers, so also those who don’t like English enjoyed the show/lesson! See you next year…” 3 liceo.

“I want to thank you for coming and for being so involving and professional at the same time. You have succeeded in communicating enthusiasm and “positivity” to all my students and to me. Your approach is motivating and succesful and I, just like an older student, have learnt something to improve both my English and my teaching methods.” Prof.ssa Eliana Giommetti

Scuola Primaria “G. Martinez”, Noha (LE) – 11 November 2009

“I would like to thank you for your enthusiasm that was infectious in my school:  I send you congratulations from my colleagues and above all by children. I think “Tune into English” will remain an important experience of fun and a motivation for speaking and learning English.” Maestra Rosy De Paolis

Scuola Primaria 3° Circolo, Galatina (LE) – 9, 10 November 2009

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