Radio Club 91

On the 12th November 2001 I began broadcasting for Radio Club 91, Naples, on an 11-month contract, with a show from 9 pm. to 11 p.m. The show was initially called Billboard Music Charts and featured news, Tric & Trac translations, an album of the week and the occasional phone in!

In the week before my programme I was a guest on some of my colleagues’ shows – on Monday to Wednesday (5th to 7th November 2001), Giselle in the afternoon, and Thursday and Friday Giuliana and Ciro around midday.

12th November 2001

13th November 2001

14th November 2001

15th November 2001

16th November 2001

19th November 2001

20th November 2001

21st November 2001

23rd November 2001

26th November 2001

28th November 2001 – this show featured an interview with Danish singer/songwriter Erann

29th November 2001

30th November 2001

3rd December 2001

4th December 2001

5th December 2001

6th December 2001

17th December 2001

Christmas Jingle

15th March 2002

June 2002

4th July 2002 – I joined my colleague Armando on air before the Neapolis Rock Festival

30th September 2002 – my final show for Radio Club 91

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