Once – Film Worksheet

“ONCE may well be the best music film of our generation”
Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

A modern-day musical about a busker and an immigrant and their eventful week in Dublin, as they write, rehearse and record songs that tell their love story.

“A little movie called Once gave me enough inspiration to last the rest of the year.”
Steven Spielberg

A 48-page worksheet
featuring 22 activities
based on the 2007
Academy Award winning film.


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Download the worksheets for the Academy Award winning song Falling Slowly and When Your Mind’s Made Up

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Once – Film Worksheet


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In Italia:

Directed by John Carney, 2006

Starring Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová

Released by Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2007

Note: the British Board of Film Classification rated this film 15, due to its use of bad language. This is used in natural conversation, and the classification was therefore considered unfair by some critics.

Once in “Lets Take Off! A cultural journey through the English-speaking world”, 2012, Elledue Edizioni Napoli

3 thoughts on “Once – Film Worksheet”

  1. Some comments received (thanks!):

    “The worksheet is really interesting and accurate – I can use the Elementary and Pre-Intermediate parts with my third classes.”
    Prof.ssa Carla Baldini, Scuola Media “Dante Alighieri”, Grosseto

    “With the wide choice of materials it’s extremely versatile and useful for busy teachers.”
    C. Warren, Florence

    “The worksheet on the film ONCE is really brilliant!
    The rich and diverse activities are very motivating for the students and involve all the four skills. The students particularly enjoyed the Visual Treasure Hunt.
    The film itself is great! It is a good starting point for learning more about spoken English and discussing some aspects of Irish culture and music – quite appropriate with St. Patrick’s Day approaching.
    We have enjoyed the film and the worksheet so much that to do it just
    “once” is not enough!” ”
    Prof.ssa Mena Bianco, Sc Secondaria di 1° Grado “Cante”, Giugliano(NA)

    “I’ve read the worksheet for Once with great interest – I find it a brilliant work!

    The first reaction is obvious: I really look forward to watching the film, because the story seems to be so enthralling, and I also believe it’s something teenagers would definitely love!

    As to the worksheet, well, what can I say? It so well-planned and perfectly arranged, covering all aspects of language learning…
    I mean, pronunciation, grammar, functions, oral and written skills, cultural hints… It’s a sort of “explosive mixture” of excellent teaching ideas set in the wonderful scenario of a multicultural city, and with an amazing soundtrack, too! It will definitely be a “winning horse”!
    I mean, it’s such an inspiring work….while I was reading, I immediately started imagining me and my students in the classroom, and I think the activities you’ve prepared are so involving and creative that students would undoubtedly have fun… I know, it’s so typical of you, teaching English in a “painless” way…
    An then, it’s amazing how you managed to make up such an incredible variety of activities, all of them so “real” and “everyday life” .
    I personally believe that the key to success is that students would be so captured by the story and the tasks proposed, that they wouldn’t even be aware of their learning, because the activities (especially those about the Individual Scenes) are so ‘entertaining’ and also so close to what happens in real life that they would spring naturally after film-watching.
    The cultural aspect is not to be underestimated too, since the students could learn a lot about the Irish culture and lifestyle and DUBLIN, that I personally adore!

    By the way, the film paves the way to deep reflections on the possibility of sincere lasting relationships between people belonging to different cultural backgrounds, and that’s a really big issue to which students are particularly receptive nowadays; and you introduced some interesting inputs on this regard through language differences and a possible cultural misunderstanding.
    The only thing I could criticise is that the “Script changes” activity might result a bit too long and boring for students. On the contrary, I think they’d find the Visual Treasure Hunt very exciting!
    Actually, I find the post-watching activities really challenging, especially if you divide the class into groups and set up a kind of competition : you know, students are great when we let their creative juices flow! I particularly liked the idea of Hollywood Remake and Press Conference.
    In conclusion, I sincerely believe you did a really good job and I’m sure it will be a success! Now I’m looking forward to receiving the DVD and to testing the whole thing, of course!”
    Prof.ssa Gabriella Cucinotta, Liceo Scientifico “A.Volta”, Reggio Calabria

  2. “You’ve made an excellent work. It’s complete, all abilities are included and there are exercises for all levels…”
    Prof.ssa Simonetta Gatto, Istituto Comprensivo di Casella (GE)

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