June 2015 – At Waterloo Napoleon Did Surrender


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The 18th June is the 200th anniversary of The Battle Of Waterloo – this month we publish the worksheet and Speak Up explanation video for the ABBA hit which compares a love story to the history-changing battle.

June’s New Downloadable Worksheets
This month’s additions all feature place names.

Waterloo – ABBA
The winner of the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest, this worksheet by Mena Bianco from Naples features a crossword and gap fill.

Brighton In The Rain – Robert Campbell
This song was written for the Upper-Intermediate level of the 1992 Cambridge English Course (CUP) and is considered one of the better examples of a song specially written for ELT – it is ideal for the Present Perfect. The author of this worksheet,Gary Friel, has an excellent youtube channel with the aim of allowing teachers to drill basic grammar in interesting and realistic ways.

Calico – Wheels Fargo and the Nightingale
Fans of line dancing will love this worksheet by the Italian rockabilly band, featuring a video of author Maria Gulczynska from Ancona, demonstrating the steps. 

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The Tune Into English Roadshow

The Tune Into English Roadshow has now finished its 2014-2015 tour, with 113 performances in 71 institutes in 63 towns and cities in Italy and Spain… Thank you all for the wonderful reception and feedback – I look forward to seeing you next year for the Tune Into English Roadshow Tenth Anniversary Tour!
            Comments video, Portici (NA)
            La Sicilia, Enna
            Relazione, Modena 

“The best ESL experience ever!” – Prof.ssa Antonella Porcu, Liceo Scientifico “G. Spano”, Sassari

Speak Up Explains
Waterloo will be published on the 18th June, along with a further two this month.  
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There is just one month to go to the holidays – keep singing, it will pass far more pleasantly!

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