June 2014 – Summer Calling!

Dear Teacher,

The fourth “Speak Up Explains…” video has just been published, looking at a rather controversial word which is almost always misused by Italian learners – you can watch this, and the previous three, here. There are two new videos every month, and, to coincide with their visit to Rome in a few weeks, The Rolling Stones (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction will be online on the 19th June.

This is also this month’s first addition to the Downloadable Worksheets page of www.tuneintoenglish.com – written by regular contributor Mena Bianco from Naples, this looks at the Present Continuous for narration.

Many of you will be visiting the U.K. capital this summer, so the second addition is London Calling by The Clash. This was submitted by Maria Gulczynska from Ancona. (You and your students might also enjoy Tune Into London, our visit in 2012.)

The Drifters had a 1962 hit with Up On The Roof, the ideal place for city dwellers to spend their summer days – this worksheet focuses on prepositions and was written by Henrietta Flinn in Paris. (Here’s my roof in Naples, where I will be spending some time this month!)

Thank you to all teachers who have submitted worksheets – I look forward to receiving your contributions in the future.

This year’s Tune Into English Roadshow had its final performance on 30th May, wrapping up a season of 144 performances in 85 schools in 69 towns and cities in 2 countries. (There will be a final performance in Perth, Scotland in July). Thank you to all who have hosted the Roadshow this year, and for all the wonderful feedback I have had – you can check out the comments here. You can see photographs from over seven years of the Roadshow on the Tune facebook page.

Teachers at the Scuola Superiore di I° Grado may be interested in Up To You!, ELI’s holiday book, consolidating and revising vocabulary and structures presented during the year. Written by Kavanagh and Morris, you can read more about this here.

The Karaoke page of Tune Into English features over 9,000 songs. Don’t forget that you can sing along with the UK Top 10 Charts on the Speak Up site – updated weekly; there is a link on the Tune Home page too.

With the warm weather now here, what better time to add the Tune Into English T-shirt to your wardrobe? Made of high quality material and featuring the Tune logo, this is available here. Remember, a 48-page worksheet based on the film Once, an Irish love story with a difference, and the 95-page e-book Notes from an ELT Consultant are available to download on the site.

Don’t forget to tell your students about the Tune Into English Drawing Competition – we have received some wonderful pictures, and look forward to receiving more of your students’ (or even your own!) masterpieces!

As many of you may be aware I used to work on the radio – my first experience was with Radio Tour in the year 2000 and, in an effort to digitalise my cassette tapes, I have put a large selection of my shows online.

One month to go before the holidays! The Tune Into English newsletter will return in September, but in the meantime check out the facebook page for updates. Have a great Summer – you deserve it!

Best wishes,

Fergal Kavanagh
Tune Into English

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