Christy Moore – The City of Chicago

Christy Moore – The City of Chicago

  • Activity types: Discussion; gap fill; Pronunciation focus on “ch” / ʃ/, /tʃ/ and /k/; Internet search
  • Level: Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate (Song only: Pre-Intermediate)
  • Language: summarising and reporting historical events and geographical details; comparing; making a tourist leaflet
  • Grammar: Past Simple (regular and irregular verbs);
  • Note: Christy Moore, one of the best-known Irish folk singers, has made a major contribution to the development of Irish music since the 1970s. He has both re-arranged old songs and written new songs about Irish and world current events. For further details visit
  • The song The City of Chicago, written by his brother Barry (better known as Luka Bloom) and released on the 1984 album Ride On, is about the mid-nineteenth century Irish Great Hunger or Famine, caused by repeated failure of the potato crop. Famine and emigration are recurring themes on traditional Irish songs.

Worksheet written by Prof. Mena Bianco, Naples

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