April 2009 – Happy Easter!

Dear Teacher,

It is almost time for the Easter break, and a well deserved few days of rest.

You might like to try the seasonal Easter karaoke section of www.tuneintoenglish.com with your students in the final days of term, or use one of the three new worksheets on the Downloadable Worksheets page of the Teachers’ Area.

This month’s contributors come from Italy, Spain and Argentina – Mena Bianco of Giugliano submitted a simple listening activity for the catchy This Is The Life by Amy MacDonald; Lorenzo Castilla, from Huelva, sent in Beyoncé’s If I Were A Boy, and Mercedes Rayan (La Rioja) submitted Talk by Coldplay.
Thank you to all who have sent in worksheets, and I look forward to receiving your future contributions.

Last month Mena Bianco contributed U2’s Pride (In The Name Of Love) and MLK to celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This has also been published on Amnesty International’s Italian site – you can see the page, along with other didactic worksheets, by clicking on the Useful Links of the Teachers’ Area page of the Tune Into English website.

The 43rd Annual International IATEFL Conference is currently taking place in Cardiff, and Fergal Kavanagh will be presenting Using Music To Enhance Language Learning next Saturday, 4th April. You can read more about this, and download the presentation, by following the link on the Teacher Training page in the Teachers’ Area of the Tune Into English website.

Tune Into English is currently working on a new look – you can see a preview of what is to come in the April edition of Speak Up. The site will be restyled over the summer months, so if you have any suggestions as to how the site can be improved, we would love to hear from you.

The Karaoke page continues to grow, with over 1,600 songs, including all those mentioned in this newsletter. Please note that youtube often removes links, so please let us know if any of the videos are offline.

The Tune Into English Roadshow will continue its tour after the Easter break – thank you to all of you who have sent comments, which you can read by clicking on the link on the homepage of the site.

A very happy and restful Easter,

Best wishes,

Fergal Kavanagh
Tune Into English

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