The Tune Into English Roadshow Live Stream

Tune Into English is proud to present the first ever

The first ever live stream of The Tune Into Roadshow was on YouTube on 7th April 2020.
Statistics: peak viewing figures, over 1,600; total views 8,828.
Thanks to everybody!

Note: The video of this stream is now available as part of the Tune Into English subscription plans.

Video presentation

The Tune Into English Roadshow.
Fifteen years… ten countries…
The first ever live stream…
Tuesday 7th of April at 10:30.
Join me for two hours of learning English through pop music.
And because you, the audience, will be at home, you can send us your videos during the show – we’ll publish the best!

“The best ESL experience ever!”

See students’ selfies and videos

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Facebook event

See videos from the first fifteen years of the Roadshow

Note: Students were encouraged to watch the show on a computer, as a phone screen is too small to read the lyrics. Also, they needed their phones to record their singing selfies!
Under-18 were asked to also send authorisation for publication from a parent or guardian. 

These are the videos used in the Tune Into English live stream – most of the material comes from shows in Mercato San Severino (SA) on 17th and 18th December 2019

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