2018-2019 Comments

Scuola Media “G. Pascoli”, Matera – 7 May 2019

“It was a fantastic experience! We’re looking forward to hosting you here again!” Prof.ssa Enza Sileo

IIS “Medaglia D’Oro”, Cassino (FR) – 15 April 2019

“Our students and teachers really loved the show and had a great time and would love to repeat the experience next year. You were really amazing and inventive and have lots of energy!” Prof.ssa Marina D’Alessandro

“Thank you for all! It has been a pleasure to have you at our school. Teaching English has never been so entertaining! Our students were really enthusiastic about you and the show.” Prof.ssa Maria Grazia Mollicone

Scuola Media “Marconi-Oliva”, Locorotondo (BA) – 30 March 2019

“Great show! It gets just better and better! Can’t do without it!!!” Prof.ssa Paola Masciulli, via Instagram

“It was amazing! Thank u Fergal! We had such a great time this morning! Brilliant! We love u! ” Prof.ssa Lucia Martini


Istituto Alberghiero, Molfetta (BA) – 29 March 2019

“Thank you for your wonderful show. Many students at the end told me about the way they had felt involved…and many teachers have been really impressed by the way some students followed your lesson, differently from what happens during the school days. So… many many thanks.” Prof.ssa Maria Rosaria Dagostino

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Academia Linguistica Internacional, Barletta (BT) – 28 March 2019

Istituto Comprensivo “Giovanni Testori”, Novate Milanese (MI) – 16 March 2019

“It was really an exciting show, and students enjoyed themselves so much! Thanks for your energy…. Even teachers were very happy to see the show! I hope to see you again in our school.” Prof.ssa Laura Caria

“Thanks to you for the great roadshow, both students and teachers really enjoyed it. It also gave us great hints for our teaching with songs.” Prof.ssa Patrizia Grande

Istituto “G.Oberdan”, Treviglio (BG) – 15 March 2019

“It has been a great pleasure and absolute fun! Students enjoyed the show enormously and I’ll certainly steal some of your ideas for my classes.” Prof.ssa Elisabetta Pavesi

“Thank you for the show,for your competence and your patience, everything was really appreciated;-)” Prof.ssa Eleanora Betta

Istituto Comprensivo, Settimo Milanese (MI) – 14 March 2019

“Regarding yesterday it was really magic, and I mean it. You did magic, do you know?☺️ Certainly you do. Music is the vehicle to perform magic. Do you remember the little boy who came on the stage at the end of the show? The very little one… Well, he’s got health problems and he is absolutely shy, he rarely speaks or smiles and yesterday he jumped on the stage “acting” and singing. That was really incredible. I saw another of my boys, who has a lot of family troubles lately and often cries and is always sad and miserable, well… yesterday he sang loudly and with a great, genuine smile on his face. That’s magic, I do believe it. I’m sure many other students yesterday experienced the same joy, and they could be finally lighthearted, as every child should be. So, thank you, that’s the most precious gift you can give them.” Prof.ssa Emilia Varisco

“Grazie mille per la bellissima attività che lei ha fatto svolgere a me e ai miei coetanei codesta mattina. Complimenti vivaci per l’entusiasmo che ci mette e per la scelta delle canzoni (soprattutto quelle finali).
Grazie infinite di cuore.” student, via Instragram

“You’ve been amazing!” student, via Instragram

Liceo “A. Malaspina”, Pontremoli (MS) – 7 March 2019

“Thanks for your enthusiasm and for the great show you have organized. It has been wonderful and engaging and suggested us many ideas to renew our teaching. I hope we will see you again soon. Thanks again.” Prof.ssa Fabrizia Gavellotti

Scuole Pie Fiorentine, Florence – 6 March 2019

“Thank you very much. It was a pleasure to meet you. The students really enjoyed the show. I really hope we can reorganize it next school year.” Prof.ssa Nadia Bocci

Scuola Media “Teresa Mattei”/“Francesco Granacci”, Bagno a Ripoli (FI) – 5 March 2019

“I hope that next year you’ll be able to come again. I think that your way of teaching English with songs is really involving! I love it!” Prof.ssa Francesca Manzini

Liceo “Caterina Percoto”, Udine – 20 February 2019

“We sang like we have never done!” student, via Instagram

Convitto Nazionale “Paolo Diacono”, San Pietro Natisone (UD) – 18 February 2019

“We loved it!” student, via Instagram

Liceo “G.G. Trissino”, Valdagno (VI) – 15 February 2019

“We were enormously pleased to have you at our school. Thank you for making our day different and entertaining. We wish you the best and hope you’ll come back soon. ☺️ From the girls singing like angry chickens!” student, via Instagram

I.S.S. “Luigi di Savoia”, Chieti – 28 January 2019

Istituto Comprensivo “Carlo Urbani”, Moie di Maiolati (AN) – 24 January 2019

“It was a pleasure to host you at our school. The students enjoyed the show very much.” Prof.ssa Roberta Corinaldesi

Liceo “Medi”, Senigallia (AN) – 23, 25 January 2019

“Thank you!!!!!! You are absolutely brilliant!!!! Students are all enthusiastic!!!!! I adore you!!!!!!!!! Hope to have you with us next school year!!!!!” Prof.ssa Paola Toccacieli

“Thanks once again for the great time you gave us all. The kids, young and old all enjoyed it – don’t forget that you’ll have to save a date for us next year. We’ll definitely be back in touch.” Prof.ssa Veronica Keohane

“I want to day thanks for this morning – you are the craziest and the best man EVER.” via Instragram

Liceo “Benedetto Croce”, Avezzano (AQ) – 11 January 2019

“A great success with happy students and happy teachers! See you soon…I hope.” Prof.ssa Erika Gigli

Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore “Publio Virgilio Marone”, Mercato San Severino (SA) – 18, 19 December 2018

“Such great shows, Fergal!!! Thank you!!!” Prof.ssa Maria Grazia Salerno

“Thanks for your show. We all enjoyed it very much – the students were enthusiastic. Waiting for your next show…” Prof.ssa Rosanna Coppola

“Your show was really interactive and amazing. We were so excited to take part in the show. We think it’s a new way to learn English efficiently.” Class 2S

“The show was amazing! I hope you come next year too!” via Instragram

Scuola Media “G.Galilei”, Gravellona Toce (VB) – 14 December 2018

“Thank you so much for your “Roadshow”! It was wonderful and you were Great! All my students and my colleagues were too excited and loved it! Me, too. I saw your enthusiasm in your job and you are an inspiration for all of us!” Prof.ssa Manuela Cannata

“Thank you so much for the show! My students absolutely loved it! And I did too. I really admire your enthusiasm and I think it’s just great that you could find a way to conjugate your interests with your job. You are quite an inspiration for all of us.” Prof.ssa Serena Minazzi

“Ciao, mr. Fergal oggi mi sono divertita molto allo spettacolo.” via Instragram

Scuola Media “Giovanni XXIII”, Pianezza (TO) – 12 December 2018

“It was a great opportunity – thanks for your great job!” Prof.ssa Chiara Barresi

Liceo Economico-Sociale “San Francesco di Sales”, Città di Castello (PG) – 6 December 2018


Istituto Tecnico “Quasimodo”, Messina – 21 November 2018

“It was an amazing show – a dream come true!!” via Instagram

“Complimenti per lo spettacolo – buona continuazione del suo emozionante tour!” Prof.ssa Marina Iannello

“Thank you so much for the show – I’m really looking forward to contacting you again for another performance!” Prof.ssa Caterina Romeo

“It was great and we had such a positive feedback from our students, they had so much fun! The enthusiasm I could see in their eyes was the greatest reward for me. I really hope to see you back in Messina next year, thank you once again.” Prof.ssa Claudia La Bruna

IPSSAT “Rocco Chinnici”, Nicolosi (CT) – 20 November 2018

“Sono un ragazzo di Nicolosi che oggi ha visto il suo show, volevo congratularmi con lei per la ottima esibizione e insegnamento.” via Instagram

I.S.I.S. “Sandro Pertini”, Monfalcone (GO) – 17 November 2018

“Thank you!!! Your energy gives us the strength to keep on going :)” Prof.ssa Carla Montanari

Liceo Scientifico “Carlo Cafiero”, Barletta (BA) – 30 October 2018

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    I enrolled to a English course to teach and learn new methods of teaching Languages in Caserta inside of the Reggia.it was amazing ,either Fergaland creativity ,method ,Languages,musica and true experience

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