University of Huelva, Spain – 29th May
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Istitito Comprensivo “Michelangelo, Bagnoli (NA) – 16th May (Primary)

Thank you for you great show. All our students were so enthusiastic that at the end of your performace they asked:”Can we attend the show next Thursday again?” To see brightness and happiness in their eyes made me one of the happiest teachers. Motivation is the only key in everyone’s life. Maestra Linda Felicità

Scuola Media “L. Luzzatti”, Azzano X (PN) – 10th May

“Thanks a lot Fergal, it was a real pleasure to meet you and your show. I can tell you that it was a success, many children told me that as well as many of my colleagues…” Prof.ssa Luisa Bledig

Scuola Media “Pordenone Centro”, Pordenone – 9th May

First of all, I’d like to thank you again for the amazing show in Pordenone. My classes, who were in the first group, were so excited that they didn’t want to go back to school because they wanted to watch the second show, too! Their response was incredible and the following day, during my lessons, I could not but talk about you and your show. I love the way you teach and entertain students: it’s an explosion of energy and enthusiasm!
Secondly, I also teach a group of adults – I told them about you, your show and your website. They now know they can visit your site and sing their favourite Beatles songs. Maybe they don’t know who will.i.am is or who The Black Eyed Peas are but ……… they now know who Fergal Kavanagh is!! Prof.ssa Emanuaela Durigon

  Scuola Media Statale “G. Bianchi”, Codroipo (UD) – 7th May

Scuola Media “G. Lozer”, Pordenone – 6th May

“Thanks for your energy and for your contagious enthusiasm!” Prof.ssa Enrica Turreni

“Dear Fergal, my students had great fun and so did I. You’re fantastic! I’d like to have a workshop like this more often. My students said: “Prof, fa venire Fergal anche domani?”. Sorry I couldn’t tell them: ‘I will!’” Prof.ssa Andreina Dolcet

ISIS “Bonaldo Stringher”, Udine – 4th May

“Dear Fergal, Thank you for the great shows, my students liked them soooooooo much! Lots of them told me they were enthusiastic about you!!!!  As for me, I can tell you that it was great fun for all of us. I kept on singing the songs all day and showed my 9 year old daughter how much fun her mum had had during the morning through the videos of your shows in your site!!!!” Prof.ssa Maria Grazia Piovesan

“Dear Fergal, my students and I want to thank you for the wonderful two hours we had with you last Saturday. They were all enthusiastic. We will be glad to repeat the experience next year.” Prof.ssa Monica Paolone and 1^B, 2^B and 2^D Alb. Stringher

Treviso Prison – 3rd May

“The students here at Santa Bona who came to your show told me how much they enjoyed it. They said that you “brought a bit of happiness to a place that is otherwise extremely dull and where sadness, sorrow and despair ooze out of every brick”. Even today somebody who I only see on Fridays was praising you and saying that he had a great time. One of them, in the second show, was glad he took part in the dance activity. He said he was very shy at the beginning but then soon got involved and just had fun. On behalf of those who came and specially  from me, a very big thank you.” Prof.ssa Giuliana Santamaria

Scuola Media “S.Giotto-Monti”, San Giovanni a Teduccio (NA) – 24th April

“Hi Fergal, my students enjoyed the show so much – they loved your energy and they were really happy and excited to spend two hours singing doing grammar, civilization in that amusing way. They are already thinking of having another meeting with you next year. Thank you!”Prof.ssa Giovanna Mottolese

Liceo “Silvestri”, Portici (NA) – 24th April

Dear Fergal, thank you. My students really enjoyed the show. You were able to communicate a lot of energy, apart from teaching grammar and words through songs and I think that, in times in which young people need positive energy and not just false idols, initiatives like yours are always well accepted. I also liked the fact that you did not allow mobile phones. As soon as I have some time I will surely check all the possibilities of continuing your activities. I was once a fan of an English man who did a similar work as you do on TV and radio but the quantity of work you did for the show of today is really astonishing. Thank you again.”Prof.ssa Emilia De Paola

“I had so much fun at the Cinema Roma – you made it so damn fun, I love English and I knew every song you played! Thank you so much and I hope you come back next year!”Serena (student)

Scuola Media “Carlo Santagata”, Portici (NA) – 9th April

“The Roadshow was exciting, as usual. Your energy flowed in rivers of enthusiasm, involvement and fun. My students were really satisfied. Coming back to school they thanked me a lot for the experience. And now I thank you for giving us the chance to meet you in Portici. See you soon. The “Carlo Santagata” school will be waiting for the next Roadshow.”Prof.ssa Gigliola Marsala

Bellissima iniziativa…. è cosi che i ragazzi dovrebbero fare lezione!! Con la musica apprendono di piu’ si divertono e sopratutto memorizzano.. mia figlia ha partecipato ed è tornata entusiasta magari ci fossero piu’ eventi di questo genere aiuterebbe le insegnanti nelle loro materie … ma sopratutto gli allievi!!” A parent

Istituto Professionale “Caracciolo-S.Rosa”, Naples – 26th March

“I am happy to have invited you. The feedback from the students was good: they said they REALLY enjoyed the show-lesson and would like to see it again… My colleagues were enthusiastic as well and someone said: “we need that at least once a month”!”Prof.ssa Paola Mazzarielli

Scuola Media “G.B. Grassi”, Uggiate Trevano (CO) – 20th March

“Our students are very happy about the show they told me it was fantastic – we have to repeat it this year !!!”Prof.ssa Lorella Bencastro

Istituto Comprensivo Statale di Coriano (RN) – 27th February

“Thank you, Fergal. I have seen a lot of enthusiastic faces and this proves, once more, that the Tune show works!”Prof. Riccardo Michelini

Istituto Tecnico Statale Commerciale “Carlo Matteucci”, Forlì – 27th February

“Hi Fergal, thanks again for your performance; it was awesome, I really appreciated the effective combination grammar and music, it worked really well. All the students appreciated your endless energy.”Prof.ssa Patrizia Luslini

Scuola Secondaria Di Primo Grado “Patronato Leone XIII”, Vicenza – 20th February

“Thank you for your show, it was great. My students were very happy with it as they felt involved in the activities and had great fun. In my opinion this workshop was very positive for students and probably the best ever since I started teaching English.”Prof.ssa Silvia Benazzato

Istituto Comprensivo “Francesco D’Assisi”, Milan – 7th February

“Dear Fergal, thank you for your RoadShow in Milan. I was glad that almost all of the students were present today despite the winter flu epidemic. They really enjoyed the show: it was really good to ask them to give answers showing the right number with their fingers. I liked the songs you chose and I think everything worked out very well.  I find your guessing games and activities very imaginative. Best wishes.”Prof.ssa Valeria Taddei

“Thank you for the nice performance: very nice songs and a good interaction My students and I really appreciated it . They were very enthusiastic!”Prof.ssa Letizia Luinetti

Istituto Comprensivo Statale “E. De Amicis”, Marcallo con Casone (MI) – 6th February

“Thank you for all the energy you charged into each of us: the students, the teachers and even.. the headmistress! She was delighted!! We had very positive feedback during the scrutini! :=).”Prof.ssa Marella Corbani

Scuola Secondaria Di Primo Grado “Indro Montanelli”, Boffalora Sopra Ticino (MI) – 6th February

“Wow! A fantastic show  and a different way of learning English also dancing and singing. You received positive comments also from my headmaster!”Prof.ssa Fiorella Serra

“We were involved into the show….we sang and danced!”
“Fergal’s show was a special English lesson: he wanted to teach English with music.I enjoyed the show so much because listening to music is the thing I like the most.”
“First Fergal showed us some words on the white board and then we had to listen to a song and understand the words order. I liked this idea so much!”
“I liked his energy and his enthusiasm.”
“I liked his way of teaching English through songs.”
“An unforgettable English lesson!”
The students

IIS “Gandhi”, Villa Raverio (MB) – 5th February

“It’s always a pleasure having u at school doing English lessons in the best way we could ever learn a language! =)” Francesca, student

ICS “Michelangelo Buonarroti”, Palermo – 1st February

“Thanks for the photos. Looking at the students’ faces ….. They seem to have enjoyed the show a lot. I did too. You’re great and I hope to host Roadshow once again. Again thanks for your great job.”Prof.ssa Raffaella Aiuppa

Liceo Scientifico “Assteas”, Buccino (SA) – 28th January

“Here is the drawing my students produced to advertise your show during the school’s Open Day. This is how they feel while attending your Tune into English Roadshow!”Prof.ssa Giuseppina Lordi

Liceo Scientifico “F.Buonarroti”, Pisa – 18th January

“I would really like to thank you for your shows. My students, who were there on Friday 18, enjoyed the experience very much, also because you were extremely good at involving them in your motivating activities.”
Prof.ssa Ivana Foti

Fergal, the Roadshow in Portici was exciting, as usual. Your energy flowed in rivers of enthusiasm, involvement and fun. My students were really satisfied. Coming back to school they thanked me a lot for the experience. And now I thank you for giving us the chance to meet you in Portici. See you soon. The “Carlo Santagata” school will be waiting for the next Roadshow.

Istituto Tecnico-Economico “Galileo Galilei”, Arzignano (VI) – 18th December

“It is always a pleasure to have you and your Roadshow here… I think it is one of the best way to learn English or at least the right start.”
Prof.ssa Gianna Damo
Il Giornale Di Vicenza

I.S.I.S “Sandro Pertini”, Monfalcone (GO) – 17th December

“I’d like to thank you for your show personally. You are so energetic and your show so engaging!!!! We all had a great time this morning. Our students were really enthusiastic about that experience (disabled included) – those who decided not to join us now regret it. There’s a lot of talk about it, so I have promised all my students to host you and your show next school year.” Prof.ssa Daniela Dodini

Istituto Comprensivo di Teglio, Tresenda (SO) – 12th December

“I really appreciated your show and the terrific effort and energy you put into it this morning – the students were all very positive and said they wished it had been much longer. I spoke to some colleagues who were at the show and they too were all positive. The Head also thanks you.” Prof.ssa Anna Fiorina

Istituto Santa Dorotea, Arcore (MB) – 11th December

“Many thanks from all here, I have been totally confirmed as a nutcase teacher for inviting you, and I’m pleased we shook the school up a bit. After all what does We Will Rock You really mean? Obviously written with the Italian education system in mind 😉
Everyone was delighted, from staff to kids; my Prima Liceo class did some brainstorming on Roadshow adjectives and the ones I thought you might like were: unique, ear-blasting, enjoyable, brilliant, energetic and cool.
So thanks again, we loved it and the headmistress was SOOO charmed!” Prof.ssa Catherine Palmiotto

“The show was useful because through music we studied English in an alternative way and we also had a lot of fun!” Andrea and Michele, II A

“We learned many new words and their correct pronunciation, so now we can use them and listen to English music in an easier way.” Tommaso, Boris and Claudio

“We enjoyed ourselves very much singing and dancing together, the atmosphere gave us a lot of energy.” Davide and Gabriele

“I enjoyed myself because some of the songs are the songs I listen to when I go training.” Paolo

“Fergal helps people learn English in a different way!” Alessandra and Riccardo

“We had fun because the DJ was friendly!” Alessandra

“We hope to repeat this experience!” Lidia and Silvia

Scuola Media “A. Volta”, Taranto – 3rd and 4th December

“I thank you for having given a piece of fresh air to the really old way of teaching, especially LANGUAGES. I was really happy when I saw the other teachers dancing, singing and saying how very very interesting it was.
I think that there are really old means of teaching in all subjects and I hope something changes not only in books or in the media but also in teachers’ minds.” Prof.ssa Francesca Gibilisco

I.T.C.T. “C. Piaggia”, Viareggio (LU) – 23rd November

“Thank you for your amusing show, the pupils had a great fun and were very delighted. I hope their motivation may improve now.” Prof.ssa Sandra Bianchi

Liceo Socio-Psico-Pedagogico “San Francesco di Sales”, Città di Castello (PG) – 22nd November

“Thanks for this morning, it was interesting, funny, motivating and we really felt good energy – as usual!” Prof.ssa Eliana Giommetti

Liceo Statale “G.A. De Cosmi”, Palermo – 9th November

“Dear Fergal,
thank you for the fantastic morning with our students and for the afternoon with teachers: they will remember it for a long time and I’m sure they will ask me to repeat it soon, which I will of course try to do when it is possible for you, in order to involve the triennio too. I already miss your seminars …
Thank you for all the information on the materials: they are very very useful.”
Prof.ssa Ninfa Pagano

Liceo “Elena Regina”, Acireale (CT) – 7th November

“Dear Fergal,
Thank YOU as you brought a moment of joy both to our students and to us! I do hope you felt it was worthwhile! As for me, I was really happy to experience your professionalism, your creativity and your generosity in the way you did the session.  We will be surely in touch. Thanks again and take care!”
Prof.ssa Graziella Spina

Liceo Scientifico “Alessandro Volta”, Reggio Calabria – 6th November – Read Report

“I want to thank you for everything you did for our students: they are all talking about you now! YOU’RE A STAR!
Prof.ssa Gabriella Cucinotta

IPIA “E. Loi”, Carbonia (CA) – 11th October

“I watched the video my colleague did for me… The emotion was the same as yesterday…. Fantastic! My dimension! Working and communicating my passion for English…since I was a child. In the video  we can see that  most of the  students were interested and excited… That’s the goal I wanted to reach… Thank you so much indeed…”
Prof.ssa Romina Porcu

Istituto “Calasanzio”, Sanluri (CA) – 8th October

The students were very happy about it: they whistled the songs for days and kept asking me questions about vocabulary and pronunciation of some words. Especially the little ones were enthusiastic, they learned a lot and enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for your great and inspiring work Fergal!
Prof.ssa Daniela D’Oca

Liceo Scientifico “G. Spano”, Sassari – 6th October

“This was an alternative unforgettable lesson for all Italian and Swedish students attending the show. Everyone had 120 minutes of fun thanks to the amazing didactic activities based on the selected songs, karaoke, dance….All the students of Liceo scientifico “G. Spano” are looking forward to the next Tune into English Roadshow.”
Prof.sse Rita Pasquino and Maria Grazia Penco Sechi

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