Tune Into Ireland Comments

“Tune into Ireland: one of the most exciting and interesting experiences I’ve ever had as an English teacher. Highly motivating and wonderfully interesting the way prof. Fergal Kavanagh taught our audience (adults studying English at CTP EDA in Città di Castello, Perugia) some of the most important and saddest events in Irish history. All of us have learnt something very important about Irish people, their way of thinking and attitude towards life.
And Music has been the loveliest and engaging means to learn a bit more English.
One of the students thanked me a lot for inviting her and told me that she felt a very strong emotion on seeing those images and listening to Irish music.”
prof.ssa Silvia Locchi
Centro Territoriale Permanente per l’Educazione degli Adulti Città di Castello – Perugia

Universidad di Huelva, Spain

“Ho respirato la dignità, la fierezza di un popolo che ha sofferto ma che, nonostante questo è riuscito a non chiudersi, a conservare le proprie tradizioni e ad “esportarle” senza arroganza con spirito di generosa condivisione. Stupenda l’atmosfera, particolarmente gradevole la presentazione….”                                                                               Enrica, Magenta (MI)

“Thank so much for your passionate introduction to Ireland.I couldn’t help humming “cockles and mussels” the day after. I found your work highly inspiring! It was my best St. Patrick’s day ever!!!”
Valeria Taddei, Milan, 17th March 2010

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