The Tune Into English Game Show – Scuola Media Via Guicciardini, Roma

Thursday 20th and Friday 21st May, 2021

1A Thursday 20th, 10-11

1E Thursday 20th, 13-14

1C Friday 21st,  9-10

1F Friday 21st, 10-11

1D Friday 21st,  11-12

1B Friday 21st, 12-13

Before the show:

Divide classes into two teams, and allow students to decide the name of their team.
(Note, in the case of any students working from home, you may need to rearrange teams on the day so there are an equal number ‘in presenza’)

During the show:
Students answer the questions with points given to the first team to give the correct answer.
The teacher’s presence here is essential to determine which team answers first.
Encourage students to sing along if they can!

After the show:
Check the Comments below (after the final show on Friday) for a complete list of lyric videos for all songs in the show.

Each student on the winning team will receive a €5 discount voucher for a Tune Into English Diary of their choice.
(2021-2022 editions now available, 2022 in Autumn 2021)

Video presentation

How many of the ten songs in the presentation video do you recognise ?
Here they are:


1 thought on “The Tune Into English Game Show – Scuola Media Via Guicciardini, Roma”

  1. Thank you Floriana, Cristina, Giorgia and Maria, and of course all the students 🙂
    Here are all the songs used in the show:
    The winners were Topi d’Artificio (1A), The Good Team (1B), Bunnies (1C), Grifone d’Oro (1D), Level A (1E) and Pandas (1F), so they can claim a €5 discount on the Tune Diaries if they like…
    Thank you again, I appreciate it very much.
    Best wishes,

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