Secret Food

Secret Food,  a partnership between Kungsskolan from Ljungby, Sweden, and Liceo Scientifico G. Spano, Sassari, Italy.

The project enables students to become aware of their social responsibilities with regards to food usage, through exchanging information with their partner school. Its aim is to allow the students to consider their traditional foods as an important part of their identity, to respect it and to appreciate it along with those people and those habits of the partner school. The students acquired a basic knowledge of the others’ language: Italians learned Swedish and Swedes learned Italian. And of course English was the vehicular language uniting the two together. They also learned about one anothers’ culture on a more profound level.

On 5th Oct. 2012 The Tune into English Roadshow came to Sassari; Fergal Kavanagh gave an alternative unforgettable lesson for all Italian and Swedish students attending the show. Everyone had 120 minutes of fun thanks to the amazing didactic activities based on the selected songs, karaoke, dance….All the students of Liceo scientifico “G. Spano” are looking forward to the next Tune into English Roadshow.

Best wishes,
Rita Pasquino and Maria Grazia Penco Sechi

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