Promos, Collegamenti and Interviews


San Remo is Italy’s biggest music festival, and here (on 25th February 2000) I speak to Fabio Brescia about its influence in Europe. I may have lied a little 😉

Skunk Anansie played in Naples on 10th April 2000, and I interviewed Ace (guitar) and Cass (bass) for Radio Tour. Extracts were then used in Tam Tam Europe, but here is the complete interview. (For some reason Radio Marte’s interview is also here!)

On the 8th June 2000 99 Posse played in Pontecagnano. Radio Tour was the official radio, and I reported live from there.

On the 11th June 2000 Napoli celebrated its promotion to Serie A. I reported from the party – in English! The following season I reported live from the stadium – unfortunately I have no recording of these links.

Radio Tour was the official radio of The Neapolis Rock Festival, held at the Arenile di Bagnoli on the 6th, 7th and 8th July 2000. I was the voice of the promo.

On 29th December 2000 I saw Moby play at the Point Depot in Dublin. This is my live broadcast from there.

A promotional link, 14th December 2000

Happy New Year!

Live from Aversa, 5th January 2001

The programme Baci In Tour delivered personalised messages to listeners – I was the messenger for these three links.

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