September 2007 - Back to School
Dear Teacher,

The school year has begun, and the summer break is a fond memory. I hope you all feel refreshed after the break - Tune Into English did shows in Cork, Ireland and Beverly Hills, California before hitting the beach! Keep an eye on the Comments page of, I will be adding feedback from the American show in the next few days.

The Tune Into English Roadshow is currently preparing its Autumn schedule, and I would be delighted to visit your school for this, or indeed for Tune Into Ireland. Many schools will be receiving a letter in the coming days with a Tune Into English poster - you can access this by clicking on

I will be adding new worksheets to the website in the coming weeks, and thank you to all those who have sent a worksheet. I look forward to publishing them, and to receiving even more.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes, and indeed Buon Lavoro!

Tune Into English