November 2008 - Old Habits Die Hard, Harder Than November Rain

Dear Teacher,

This month sees three exciting new additions to the Downloadable Worksheets section of the Teachers' Area of

The first, appropriately containing the line “harder than November rain”, is the simple and fun worksheet for Old Habits Die Hard by Mick Jagger (featuring Dave Stewart), from the film Alfie. This was submitted by Analía Massa, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The second celebrates the seventeenth anniversary this month of Freddie Mercury, with a joint contribution of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now from Claudia Cantaluppi (Como) and Anna Napoli (Trieste).  Finally, Madonna has been in the news in recent months, and Mena Bianco from Giugliano has submitted Give It 2 Me, which includes an excellent activity on acronyms used in texting. Thank you to all who have contributed such high quality worksheets, and I look forward to receiving even more.

The Tune Into English Roadshow is continuing its Autumn tour - I would be delighted to visit your school for this, or indeed for Tune Into Ireland.  Thank you to the headmaster who sent a very flattering comment following the visit to her school last week - you can read this by following the Comments link on the home page of the Tune Into English website. You may also be interested in the new full-colour downloadable poster, also published in this month’s Speak Up - you can download it by clicking on the link on the same page. 

The Karaoke section of the website continues to grow, with over 1,400 songs, including all those mentioned in this newsletter - it also appropriately includes November Rain by Guns ’n’ Roses.

The annual TESOL national conference is being held in Rome this month (follow the link on the Teacher Training page of the website for further details), and Fergal Kavanagh will be presenting Using Music To Enhance Language Learning in the Auditorium at 5:30 pm on Thursday 13th November - I look forward to seeing you there.

Finally, those of you in the Scuola Superiore di Primo Grado who have adopted ELI’s Team Up in English, co-written by Fergal Kavanagh, will be interested to know that the official website with extra resources is now online - you can access this by following the link on the Teachers’ Page of the Tune Into English website.

I look forward to meeting you and your students in the coming months.

Best wishes,

Fergal Kavanagh
Tune Into English