January 2008 - Tune Into English is One Year Old!
Dear Teacher,

On 25th January 2007, the all-new Tune Into English website was published, and is now one year old. First put on-line in 2005, until 12 months ago the site featured less than ten pages - it now features several hundred, including karaoke, worksheets, articles, listening activities and games.

Itís not a coincidence that the latest  addition to the Downloadable Worksheets page is One by U2, submitted by Michela Zagnoli from Bologna.  Thank you to all of you who have contributed worksheets in the last year, and please continue to share your ideas with us to continue to make Tune Into English the premier free English-through-music resource on the web.

One is also included in the Karaoke section of the Studentís Area. This now contains over 250 songs, and will be further expanded in the coming weeks.

In the last year the Tune Into English website has had tens of thousands of visits from the four corners of the world, with contributors based in Italy, France and Argentina. The Brazilian edition of Speak Up has decided to publish The Song, already a regular feature here in Italy, and you can read about Supertrampís Breakfast In America (also used in Gym Class Heroesí Cupidís Chokehold) by following the Speak Up link on the home page of

In the next few months Tune Into English will be planning a new brochure, and would like to use some of your comments. If you have found any aspect of the site particularly useful, from a worksheet you have used in class, to singing along with your favourite song on the karaoke page, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Once again thank you to all of you who have helped made Tune Into English a success over the last year, by hosting the Roadshow or simply visiting the site. I look forward to your continuing support.

Best wishes, and Happy Birthday to Tune Into English!

Fergal Kavanagh
Tune Into English


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