February 2009 - Speed Your Love To Me

Dear Teacher,

Due to touring commitments, this month’s newsletter may be a little early for St. Valentine’s Day. The Downloadable Worksheets page of now features The Righteous BrothersUnchained Melody, one of the most romantic songs ever written (also on the soundtrack of Ghost), submitted by Mena Bianco of Giugliano. For the more cynical, on the other side of the coin, this month also sees the addition of Can’t Stand Losing You by The Police, submitted by Claudia Cantaluppi from Como, and Won’t Go Home Without You by Maroon 5, submitted by Silvia Trucco (Imperia).
Most pop songs are about love, and you will find many more appropriate worksheets on the site, including Dean Martin’s old favourite That’s Amore.


Team Up in English, 2008’s most successful new Italian Scuola Superiore di Primo Grado course, is now entering its second year. Published by ELI, the songs were written by Tune Into English - you can read more about this on the Teachers’ Page of the website.
You are all welcome to attend the Teacher Trainer session Using Music to Enhance Language Learning in the following cities - full details can be found on the website.

                             19 February - Rome
                             2 March - Città di Castello (PG)
                             4 April - Cardiff, Wales

The Karaoke page continues to grow, with over 1,500 songs, including all the songs mentioned in this newsletter. Why not have a special classroom session of karaoke love songs on Valentine’s Day?

The Tune Into English Roadshow is continuing its tour, and I look forward to meeting you in the near future. Thank you to all of you who have sent comments on the show - you can read these by following the link on the home page.

A very Happy Valentine’s Day to you all,

Best wishes,

Fergal Kavanagh
Tune Into English