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The Wiggles – The Rattlin’ Bog

The Rattlin’ Bog – The Wiggles

  • Activity types: Vocabulary, ordering, movement (TPR).
  • Level: Elementary / Pre-Intermediate
  • Notes: This is a cumulative Irish folk song, where each verse has a list which grows as the song progresses. Many cultures have this type of song, like the similar French ‘L’Arbre Est Dans Ses Feuilles’, the Spanish ‘Se Levanta La Niña’, the German ‘Ich Bin Ein Musikante’, the Italian ‘Alla Fiera Dell’Est’ and the Greek ‘Το Ντίρλι’.
    This worksheet is based on The Wiggles’ 2019 recording but there are many versions available. Some of these continue the song with words such as a wing, a feather, a flea and a rash.

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Published as part of the MEI Global Greening Toolkit.

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