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Van Morrison & The Chieftains – Star Of The County Down

Star Of The County Down – Van Morrison & The Chieftains

  • Activity types: Pronunciation, Phonemics/Phonetics, listening for words, vocabulary
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Notes: The lyrics of this Irish ballad were written by Cathal MacGarvey in the early 20th century, using a traditional melody. It uses a tight rhyme scheme: Each verse is a double quatrain, and the first and third lines of each quatrain have an internal rhyme on the second and fourth feet: [aa]b[cc]b. The chorus is a single quatrain with the same rhyming pattern.
    This worksheet is based on Van Morrison & The Chieftains’ 1999 recording but there are many versions available, some with extra verses.

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Published as part of the MEI Global Greening Toolkit.

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