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Queen 2019 – week 20


13 - 1967 - Brian May’s early band 1984 supported Jimi Hendrix at Imperial College, London.


14 - 1983 – Roger Taylor appeared as a team captain on the BBC’s Pop Quiz, U.K.

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15 - 1986 - Queen shot the video for ‘Friends Will Be Friends’ video, with 800 Fan Club members, at JVC Studios, London.

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16 - 1974 - Brian May was flown back to London from New York, suffering from hepatitis. Queen are replaced by Kansas as support band on Mott The Hoople’s American tour.


17 - 1991 - the single ‘Headlong’ entered the U.K. charts at n.28.

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18 - 1976 – the single ‘You’re My Best Friend’ was released in the U.K.

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19 - 1997 - ‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ won an Ivor Novello Award for Best Song Musically and Lyrically.


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