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Tam Tam Europe
My first programme for Italian radio ran from February to June 2000 and was called Tam Tam Europe, pre-recorded “pillole del rock”, broadcast first four, then three, times a day on Radio Tour. I was supposedly based in London and every week was given a list of 20 (then 15) songs, and had to prepare a short presentation for each. Not all “pillole” were recorded, of course, but there are 151 here…

Promos, Collegamenti and Interviews

Baci In Tour
In preparation for my own show I co-presented some morning shows with Fabio Brescia.

Top 40 Hits
In July 2000 I was finally given my own shows, at weekends. Some of the Saturday afternoons (3 to 6 p.m.) weren’t easy, as they were outside broadcasts from Lido Varco D’Oro at Varcaturo (including the first two). Fortunately it was a simple run through of the Top 40.

Generic Programmes
No themes, but my own show! These were usually on a Sunday.

Live On Mix
In October 2000 I was given the Saturday night programme Live On Mix, a dance show with live DJs.

I was sometimes called to substitute a colleague who was unable to present his or her programme – Sport Time, Baci In Tour and Viva Voce are here.

Previous Radio Experiments

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