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Dionne Bromfield & Tinchy Stryder – Spinnin’ For 2012

Spinnin’ For 2012 – Dionne Bromfield & Tinchy Stryder

  • Activity types: Discussion, listening, Video work, presentation.
  • Time: one hour.
  • Note: This is the official song of the London 2012 Torch Relay. It is performed by 16-year-old soul singer Dionne Bromfield and British rapper Tinchy Stryder. A curiosity: Dionne is Amy Winehouse’s goddaughter.
  • The 2012 Summer Olympics torch relay will be run from 19 May – 27 July 2012. The torch relay will arrive on 18 May 2012 from Greece. The relay will last 70 days, with 66 evening celebrations, six Island Visits with about 8,000 people carrying the torch 300 m (330 yd) each, starting from Land’s End in Cornwall. The torch will have one day outside of the United Kingdom when it will visit Dublin on June 6. The relay will focus on: National Heritage Sites, locations and venues with sporting significance, key sporting events, schools registered with the Get Set School Network, green spaces and biodiversity, Live Sites (city locations with large screens), festivals and other events. – from Wikipedia
  • This worksheet was written to celebrate the 2012 Torch Relay, but can also be adapted for use after the event.

Worksheet written by Prof. Simonetta Gatto, Casella (GE)

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The route of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay

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