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Team Up In English

team_upTeam Up in English is a course book for the lower secondary school. Written by Fergal Kavanagh, Catrin Morris and Claire Moore, and published by ELI, each volume of the Italian edition contains songs by Tune Into English.

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For more information on this title contact your local distributor, or send an e-mail to info@elionline.com


ELI, working with Eco-Libris, planted a tree for every copy of the first level sold in 2010 – read more.

“We used Team Up this year and the students really liked it. I think we worked well with it: Congratulations!” Prof.ssa Vittoria Gho, Lissone (MI)

Note: An international edition of this title is also available.


Up to You!, written by Fergal Kavanagh and Catrin Morris, and available in two levels, consolidates and revises the language learned over the previous academic year.

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